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Welcome to "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" FreedomFest 2021 July 21 - 24 2021 Mount Rushmore. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!

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Wednesday, July 21

1:00pm MDT

2:00pm MDT

3:00pm MDT

Thursday, July 22

1:10pm MDT

Catch the Wave: The Resurgence of Travel AlpineKevin Bidner • Ed Bracken • Angel Invest Group Cautionary Tales: Lessons From First Hand Accounts of Communist Dissidents LaCroix AJennifer Grossman • Daniel Di Martino • Li Schoolland • Zilvinas Silenas Disinherit the IRS: Estate & Tax Planning Strategies Under the Biden Administration LaCroix BDavid T. Phillips • Estate Planning Specialists Education in 2020: The School Choice Revolution No One Saw Coming Main Stage 2 - TheaterCorey DeAngelis • Connor Boyack • Kerry McDonald • Mike Donnelly • Leigh Bortins • Brett Cooper Fixing the World: How Free Markets Offer Solutions to Real Environmental Challenges Rushmore FBenjamin Backer • American Conservation Coalition Follow the Big Money! Diversify Offshore – 2nd Residencies, Bank Accounts, Vacation/Investment Properties LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Michael Cobb • Offshore Advantage Goldbacks: Solving the 2,600 Year Old Problem of How to Buy Small with Gold LaCroix DJeremy Cordon • Goldback Is Prostitution the Next Marijuana? The Path to Decriminalizing Sex Work Rushmore HAriela Moscowitz • Elizabeth Nolan Brown • Kaytlin Bailey • Decriminalize Sex Work Pre-IPO Investment Opportunity: A Biotech Breakthrough Medical Treatment for Heart Disease, Strokes, Parkinson's, MS, PAD and More Room 102Dr. Jack Jacobs • Zhittya Genesis Medicine Soho Forum Debate: The Only Purpose of Business Is to Maximize Long-term Profits Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaGene Epstein • John Mackey • Yaron Brook The Future of Connectivity: VOXOX Leads the Way in 5G/AI Cloud Communications and Automation Room 101Cleve Adams • Voxox The Hijacking of Our Constitutional Republic: How It Happened, How It Affects You & What We Need to Do to Fix It Rushmore EEric Madsen • TeamLaw The Knowledge Problem: Understanding the Economic Way of Thinking Rushmore G (Student Program)James Harrigan • Foundation for Economic Education Wretched Refuse: The Political Economy of Immigration and Institutions PonderosaBenjamin Powell

2:10pm MDT

Advancing Freedom by Fueling the American Dream: Find Out How This 2020 Entrepreneur of the Year Has Been Paying 12% Dividends Since 2016 Room 102Craig Hicks • Tommy San Miguel • SGR Energy Feminism + Freedom Film Festival LaCroix DElizabeth Nolan Brown • Avens O'Brien • Feminists for Liberty Fighting Back Against Unconstitutional Lockdowns & Shutdown Orders AlpineRachel Swaffer • Daniel Dew • Jessica Thompson • Josh Crawford • Pacific Legal Foundation Follow the Money! An Insider's Guide to Money and Politics Rushmore HJohn Fund • Scott Walter • Katie Rodgers • Capital Research Center Freedom from Aging: Super Longevity and Biological Age Reversal Rushmore FDr. Greg Fahy • Dr. Kat Cotter How Economic Freedom Creates a Better World for Business, Consumers, and Investors LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Mark Perry • Fred McMahon • Adrian Day • Dan Mitchell • Dr. Richard Rahn Is the Global War on Islamic Fundamentalists Worth Supporting? Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaDaniel C. Peterson • Ayaan Hirsi-Ali • Abigail Hall • Scott Horton Mitigate Biden’s Tax Atrocities with Charitable Giving Rushmore EPeter Lipsett • Jeff Zysik • Lydia Pitea Retirement Accounts, Cryptocurrency, and the Business Cycle Room 101Gus Demos • Perpetual Assets School Choice Matters: The Real Life Impacts of Educational Freedom (Featuring the American Federation for Children Future Leaders Fellows) LaCroix AWalter Blanks • Nathan Cunneen • Hera Varmah • Francis Connolly • Ashley Elliot • American Federation For Children Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World PonderosaBenjamin Powell The Great Wall of China Debate Main Stage 2 - TheaterJoshua Philipp • George Gilder • Li Schoolland Trust Issues: Why Estate Planning is Failing LaCroix BRick Durfee • Durfee Law Group Yes, YOU Can Become an Entrepreneur Rushmore G (Student Program)Julie Borowski • John Chisholm

3:10pm MDT

Election Integrity: Securing the Sanctity of the Ballot Box Main Stage 2 - TheaterJohn Fund • Larry Elder • Craig Huey • John Lott How to Have High-level Impact with Your Elected Official LaCroix BJenna Netherton • Americans for Prosperity How to Make Your Book Into a Bestseller Despite Cancel Culture Rushmore HJerry Bowyer • Steve Mariotti • Michael Beas How to Turn Tax Dollars Into Cash Flow Through Oil and Gas Room 102John Engel • Tim Taylor • Gulf Coast Western Human Civilization: Unavoidable Collapse or a Rising Future Phoenix? Rushmore FBrad Lips • Max Borders • Stephen Hicks • Edward Hudgins • Human Achievement Alliance Investing in Liberty: For Funders and Fundraisers PonderosaJustin Streiff • Austin Detwiler • American Philanthropic Laugh It Up...Changing Minds Through Comedy Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaDave Smith • Lou Perez • Dave Rubin • Julie Borowski • Kaytlin Bailey SCOTUS Review: The Cases You Need to Know About Rushmore EAnastasia Boden • Cody Wisniewski • Elizabeth Slattery • Tom W. Bell • Pacific Legal Foundation Surviving a “Melt-up”: A Vision for South Dakota Room 101Adam Hendry • Tzadik Properties The "Art" of Investment: Invest in a PRE-IPO Before Bankers and Market Makers Take Their Piece LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Michael Sheppard • Treasure Investments Corp. The Loss of Laissez-Faire: Analyzing the Pandemic Response in Libertarian Terms LaCroix AAustin Petersen • Libertarian Republic The Rent Is Too Damn High: How Government Created The Housing Crisis and How Property Owners Can Solve It AlpineJames Burling • Nolan Gray • Judge Glock • Brian Hodges • Patrick Tuohey • Pacific Legal Foundation The World IS Becoming a Better Place Rushmore G (Student Program)Antony Davies • Foundation for Economic Education Why Private Mints Will Win the Gold Price War LaCroix DAdam Trexler • Valaurum
Friday, July 23

1:10pm MDT

"Stand Your Ground" - Loving Liberty Ladies Holding the Line for Freedom LaCroix DKathy Smith • Lydia Nuttall • Kate Dalley • Molly Stratford • Tonya Nelson • Loving Liberty A Look Inside: Mark Skousen Interviews Top Investment Guru Jerry Bowyer 1 on 1, Followed by a Panel Interview with Top Gold Gurus LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Mark Skousen • Brien Lundin • Doug Casey • Van Simmons • Adrian Day • Jerry Bowyer • Jeff Phillips Be Smarter Than Most Adults: Ten Tips from the Tuttle Twins Team Rushmore G (Student Program)Connor Boyack • Elijah Stanfield • Tuttle Twins Ciudad Morazán: A Honduran Zone for Employment and Economic Development Room 101Joyce Brand • Ciudad Morazan Emerging Issues Affecting Liberty During the Biden Administration and What You Can Do About It Room 102Horace Cooper • George Landrith • Julio Rivera • Derrick Hollie • Frontiers of Freedom Empowered! Gun Rights are Women's Rights Rushmore HAntonia Okafor Cover • Gun Owners of America Follow the Science? How to Determine What's Real and What's Bunk Rushmore FMichael Shermer • Phil Magness • Jon Entine • Mary Ruwart • Edward Hudgins Mastering the Language of Liberty: Refining Your Message PonderosaRobert Arnakis • Leadership Institute Plan For America vs. Modern Monetary Theory as a Solution to America’s Debt Crisis Rushmore EStephen Moore • Kyre Lahtinen • Plan For America Project Veritas Whistleblowers Town Hall + Meet & Greet Main Stage 2 - TheaterJames O'Keefe • Cary Poarch • Zach Vorhies • Richard Hopkins • Ivory Hecker • Project Veritas REASON DAY - Mythbusting Marijuana, Opioids and Nicotine LaCroix AMolly Davis • Geoffrey Lawrence • Guy Bentley • Jacob Rich • Reason The "Conservative" Climate Solutions "Bait and Switch" LaCroix BCraig Rucker • James Taylor • Heartland Institute The Bipartisan Hoax: Does Washington Care About Working Together? Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaGrover Norquist • James Lucier • John Fund • Jo Jorgensen What We Can Do Now to Actually 'Drain the Swamp' and Revolutionize U.S. Public Policy & Politics AlpineAdam Andrzejewski • Open The Books

2:10pm MDT

3 Ways to Profit from 50-Year Innovation to Drug Safety and Global Consumer Packaging PonderosaEd Bracken • Milton Cohen • Angel Invest Group Creating and Delivering High Impact Messages to the US-Latin American Communities AlpineAntonella Marty • Dr. Patricia Hohlbein • Atlas Network Death by Regulation: How We've Been Robbed of a Golden Age of Health Rushmore EMary Ruwart • Liberty International Debt and Private Property: Fixing America's Most Hidden and Destructive Problems Rushmore FEric Madsen • TeamLaw Defying The State: When Is Civil Disobedience The Moral Thing To Do? Rushmore HScott Morefield • Spike Cohen • Austin Petersen • Jess Mears Invest in Democracy: Learn a New Approach to International Investing that Incentivizes Democracy Room 101Julie Cane • Christopher Browne • Richard Rikoski • Democracy Investments Never Get Squeezed by Gold and Silver Supply Again LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Rich Checkan • Asset Strategies International Owning Your Data: How New Tech is Taking Our Liberty Back From "Big Tech" Room 102Ace Fogerson • CloudCoin Putting the Person Back into Personal Finance: Build a Plan for YOUR Financial Goals Rushmore G (Student Program)Colin D. Caldarera • America's Future REASON DAY - Biden’s Anti-Business Agenda LaCroix AElizabeth Nolan Brown • Alexander Salter • Hannah Cox • Guy Bentley • Reason The County Sheriff: How a Local Constitutional County Sheriff Beat Former President Bill Clinton at the Supreme Court! LaCroix DSheriff Richard Mack • Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) The Think Tank Summit: Successes and Challenges Main Stage 2 - TheaterBrad Lips • John Tamny • Connor Boyack • Jennifer Grossman • Cindy Cerquitella • David Nott • Dr. Wolf von Laer • Dr. Robert McClure • Zilvinas Silenas • Lauren Daugherty • Tim Phillips • Atlas Network Using Every Weapon in your Arsenal to Grow & Scale in a Disruption Economy Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaTricia Benn • Mitzi Perdue • Kraig Bougher • Sherrie McKnight • Steve Napolitan • C-Suite Network

3:10pm MDT

Blockchain + Quantum Computing + Equity Matching = Paying off Your Home in 4 to 7 Years, Saving 15 - 50% on Your Mortgage Payments LaCroix BGreg Writer • Launch Cart Boomer vs Zoomer: Which Generation Is More Dangerous to Freedom? Main Stage 2 - TheaterStephen Kent • Brad Polumbo • Hannah Cox • Carla Gericke • Larry Sharpe Constitutional Sheriffs' Panel: The Last Line of Defense for State's Rights LaCroix DSheriff Brad Rogers • Sheriff Scott Williams • Randy Hargrove • Sheriff Bob Songer • Sheriff Dar Leaf • Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) Engaging and Mobilizing Millennials: Developing the Next Generation of Policy Wonks PonderosaGary Marx • Leadership Institute Financial Literacy: Ending Generational Poverty Rushmore G (Student Program)Rob Chatfield • Free To Choose Network Financial Resilience: Managing Risk in a Time of Crisis LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Kirk Chisholm • Innovative Advisory Group Freedom at the Ballot Box: A Primer on Ranked Choice Voting Room 101Adam Friedman • Rank the Vote Liberando! An Economic and Political Overview of Latin America Rushmore HAntonella Marty • Jose Cordeiro • Daniel Di Martino • Rodolfo Milani • Izabela Patriota Liberating the Health Care Marketplace Room 102Marie Fishpaw • John Goodman • AnneMarie Schieber • Heartland Institute Libertarians on Main Street: A Local Politicians Town Hall Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaJeff Hewitt • Cara Schulz • Apollo Pazell • Marshall Burt • Libertarian Party Powerful Persuasion: Know Your Audience, Create Your Message AlpineAlex Cordell • Dr. Patricia Hohlbein • Atlas Network REASON DAY - The Truth About Social Media Censorship LaCroix ARobby Soave • Julie Borowski • Shaun Cammack • Reason Sex Work DecriminaLIES: Exposing the Failed Global Policy to Regulate Prostitution Rushmore EAlex Andrews • Elizabeth Nolan Brown • Maggie McNeill • Savannah Sly • Alex Andrews • Old Pro Productions Taboos Today: Things You Aren't Supposed To Talk About, Why You Should, and How You Can Rushmore FWilfred Reilly • Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR)
Saturday, July 24

11:00am MDT

Collaborative Libertarianism: Uniting with Anybody to Do Right Rushmore ENicholas Sarwark • Libertarian Party Death Penalty Concerns: Why The State Can't be Trusted to Get It Right Rushmore FHannah Cox • Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty Do Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Owe Us Our Freedom of Speech? LaCroix DSean W Malone • Catherine Bernard • Spike Cohen Freedom Over Fear: Reclaiming our Liberties as Government Grows During a Crisis LaCroix AMatt Kibbe • Phil Magness • Logan Albright • Sam Martin • Free The People Hope in the Age of Despair: Convention of States is the Solution Main Stage 1 - Barnett ArenaMark Meckler • Convention of States Action Marketing and Advertising in a Post-Pandemic Economy: 7 Urgent Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Need to Take Now for Marketing Domination AlpineCraig Huey • Caleb Huey • Creative Direct Marketing Group Surefire Investments for 2021 - Get Our Top 10 Our Favorites! LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Roger Michalski • Ron Muhlenkamp • Mark Skousen • Jim Woods • Rodolfo Milani • Eagle Financial Publications The Art of the OP-Ed: Improving Your Skills at Writing for the Public Rushmore G (Student Program)Stephen Kent • Emma Ayers • Young Voices The New Psychology of Aging - Living Younger! Room 101Dr. Diane Hayden • Natural Nutmeg Magazine The Rise of the Vetrepreneur! - How You Can Support Veterans in Business, Reduce Your Taxes, and Build Legacies Rushmore HJeff Barnes • Veterans Business Builder Program and Veterans' Council The Struggle for Liberty...a Different Perspective Main Stage 2 - TheaterLarry Sharpe • Amala Ekpunobi • Daniel Di Martino • John McWhorter Union Political Power and the “Vicious Cycle” of Union Money Room 102Corey DeAngelis • Brad Polumbo • David Osborne • Dan Mitchell • Conner Drigotas When Politicians Panicked: The New Coronavirus Expert Opinion, and a Tragic Lapse of Reason PonderosaJohn Tamny • FreedomWorks Why Liberalism Works: How True Liberal Values Produce a Freer, More Equal, Prosperous World for All (Followed by Book Signing in Hallway) LaCroix BDeirdre McCloskey

2:10pm MDT

Academic Freedom in Peril? The Destiny of Intellectual Diversity in an Age of Critical Theory Rushmore EDr. Daniele C. Struppa • Deirdre McCloskey • Dr. Robert McClure • John Chisholm Against Tyranny: The Foundation of America is Individual Liberty Main Stage 2 - TheaterMatt Kibbe • Mike Lee Breaking Through: Selling Liberty to the Masses PonderosaCaleb O. Brown • Morgan Zegers • Sean W Malone • Brittany Hunter • Lauren Daugherty Busted: Is Criminal Justice Permanently Broken? LaCroix ABob Barr • Hannah Cox • Catherine Bernard • Sheriff Richard Mack • Sam Bushman Choosing Liberty: How Young People Are Creating a Life that Matters AlpineCasey Given • Tahmineh Dehbozorgi • Fiona Harrigan • Brad Polumbo • Young Voices Finding Financial Freedom: Our Top 7 Tips to Build a Lifetime of Wealth LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Heather Wagenhals • Rob Arnott • Gary Alexander Get Angry: Harnessing Your Emotional Intelligence Rushmore G (Student Program)TK Coleman • Foundation for Economic Education Health Freedom and the History of the Medical Industrial Complex Room 101Mya Olson • Health Freedom South Dakota Smart Strategies to Engage Family in Free Market Philanthropy Room 102Peter Lipsett • Stephanie Lips • Lydia Pitea Socialism, Bureaucracy and the Deep State: 7 Disturbing Threats to Economic Freedom, Individual Liberty and The American Dream Rushmore FCraig Huey • Creative Direct Marketing Group Student Debate Series: This House Believes That Restitution Should be Prioritized Over Both Retribution and Rehabilitation in Criminal Sentencing Rushmore HAmerican Logos The Catholic Church: Pro and Con LaCroix BDaniel C. Peterson • Doug Casey • Gary Richied Tom Woods Day - The Failure of Police Socialism LaCroix DCorey DeAngelis • Spike Cohen • Tate Fegley • Maj Toure • The Mises Institute

3:10pm MDT

50+ Years, 50,000 Students at Mr. Jefferson's University: A Professor's Reflections on Academic Freedom PonderosaKenneth Elzinga Building Institutions: A Primer on Civics and the Power of Your Vote Rushmore G (Student Program)Mike Lee Do We Have a Gun Violence Problem in America? LaCroix AKate Dalley • James Harrigan • Matthew Larosiere • Maj Toure • Antonia Okafor Cover • John Lott Galt's Gulf: The Future of Seasteading Main Stage 2 - TheaterTom W. Bell • Joe Quirk • Seasteading Institute Higher Education: Liberal or Ill-Liberal? LaCroix BLeland Ben • Brett Cooper • Fiona Harrigan • Brett Joshpe • Madeline Peltzer • Free Thinker Project (The) Increasing Human Flourishing: How Entrepreneurship, Social Mobility, and Meaning Underpin the American Dream AlpineGonzalo Schwarz • Gary Hoover • Clay Routledge • Mort Taylor • Archbridge Institute Lightning Round! 21-for-21 Top Picks from These Heavy-Hitters LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Paul Wendee • Rob Arnott • Doug Casey • Alexander Green • George Gilder Social Media: Replacing the Triangle of Tyranny with the Freedom Fab Four! Room 101Terry Easton Student Debate Series: This House Supports an Open Border Policy Rushmore HAmerican Logos The High Cost of American Shipping: Is It Time to Scrap the Jones Act? Rushmore EJohn Fund • Ken Schoolland • George Landrith • Ernest Istook • Keli'i Akina Tom Woods Day - COVID-19: Politics, Science, and Superstition LaCroix DJordan Schachtel • Matt Kibbe • The Mises Institute Under Attack: How the Onslaught Against Judeo-Christian Values Could Bring an End to Western Civilization Room 102Gloria Greenfield • Doc Emet Productions, Inc. Will Government Get Out of the Way and Let You Live to 200? Rushmore FJose Cordeiro • Mary Ruwart • Edward Hudgins • Human Achievement Alliance

4:10pm MDT

Healthy Aging With Nutrition and Exercise for Freedom of Body, Mind and Spirit Room 101Jeff Riley Human Trafficking: How Surviving Human Trafficking Made Me Value My Freedom LaCroix DEliza Bleu My One-Man Mission to Advance Civil Rights and Title IX for All in Higher Education AlpineMark Perry Student Debate Series: This House Rejects Continued Government Funding for Space Research and Transportation Rushmore HAmerican Logos The Freedom Cartoon Your Kids Can't Stay Away From Rushmore G (Student Program)Daniel Harmon • Tuttle Twins TV Show The Golden Age of Jazz: Celebrating 100 Years of a Uniquely American Artform Room 102Gary Alexander The Masked Generation: The Unseen Effects on Children From the Covid Year LaCroix AKerry McDonald • Brad Polumbo • Hannah Cox • Mya Olson The Technological Singularity: Will Future Tech Free Us or Destroy Us? Rushmore EMax Borders • Terry Easton • Jose Cordeiro • Lauren Postler There Is Much Ruin in a Nation: Will Washington's Radical Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) Lead to Runaway Inflation? LaCroix C (Global Financial Summit)Harry Veryser • Adrian Day • Alexander Salter • Dr. Wolf von Laer • Dr. Richard Rahn Thinking in Time: A New Approach to Measuring Resources and Population Rushmore FGale Pooley Walls and Cages: Can We Build a Humane Immigration Policy that Solves The Border Crisis? (Book Signing with Cal Thomas to follow in Theater Lobby) Main Stage 2 - TheaterJan Jekielek • Cal Thomas • Doug Casey • Daniel Di Martino • Ken Schoolland Whiskey is Freedom: How Endless Innovation in Response to Government Meddling has Created Something Truly Beautiful LaCroix BTerry Kibbe • Matt Kibbe • Free The People Why Democracies Never Fight Each Other: Best Strategies for War Prevention PonderosaGrover Norquist • Scott Horton • Fiona Harrigan