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Avens O'Brien

Board Member, Feminists for Liberty

Avens O’Brien is a 2nd-generation libertarian activist based in Los Angeles. The product of peaceful parenting, non-traditional education, and family who campaigned for political office as Libertarians in New Hampshire in the 70s and 80s, Avens was Vice Chair of the LPNH from 2006-2008, and has volunteered on several liberty campaigns, including local races and presidential – Badnarik in 2004, Ron Paul in 2008, and McAfee in 2016. She also worked for Peter Schiff at Euro Pacific Capital from 2013-2014, and has been an active freelancer for several years in the tech startup community in LA playfully referred to as “Silicon Beach”.

Avens is currently the Administrative Director of LitClub, a cannabis brand that reimagines marijuana as our recreational evolution, focused on creating a more sophisticated experience. She considers herself a “Facebook agitator”, has contributed articles to The Libertarian Republic, Thoughts on Liberty and been featured in Reason Magazine.

She is a chapter leader for Ladies of Liberty Alliance in Los Angeles. In 2013, she began taking photos beside her partner Judd Weiss at events and conferences, and has also adopted his mission of helping make liberty look good. She’s a frequent guest of podcasts, conferences, and on panels discussing both online and offline liberty activism, feminism, marketing, millennials, Burning Man culture, and other hot topics.

Avens is convinced that libertarianism is the most attractive and compassionate philosophy there is, and works to embody that belief and to share it with the world. With her background in sales and advertising, she wants to teach other liberty activists how to have productive conversations about liberty, and reach to the left and to the right to find allies and grow the movement. Her writings, interviews and work can all be found at http://www.avens.me. She can be reached at avens.obrien@gmail.com.