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Welcome to "The Wild West" FreedomFest 2019 July 17 - 20 2019 Paris Resort Las Vegas. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!

Featured Speakers

avatar for JP Sears

JP Sears

A Good Dose of Satire Makes You Healthy, Wealth and Wise
Host, Awaken with JP
avatar for David Rubin

David Rubin

Seeing the Light...of Liberty: My Conversion to Classical Liberalism
Host, The Rubin Report
avatar for Drew Pinsky

Drew Pinsky

What’s in a Virus? The Media and Healthcare System Response to Coronavirus and What You Need to Know Now
Board Certified Internist/Addiction Medicine Specialist/Host , Ask...
avatar for John Mackey

John Mackey

Health Through Whole Foods
Co-Founder/CEO, Whole Foods Market
avatar for Deirdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey

Why Liberalism Works
Distinguished Professor, Univ of Illinois/Chicago
avatar for Tom Woods

Tom Woods

The Five Arguments That Won't Go Away
Host, The Tom Woods Show
avatar for Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Laugh It Up...Changing Minds Through Comedy
Host, Part of the Problem
avatar for Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem

Building a Climate for Freedom to Ring
Governor, South Dakota
avatar for Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Red States, Blue States and Everything In Between
Senior Economist, FreedomWorks
avatar for Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas

America's Expiration Date: The Fall of Empires and Superpowers ... and the Future of the United States
Journalist and Columnist, Tribune


avatar for Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

Operation Drain the Swamp: How Transparency is Revolutionizing Politics
CEO/Founder, Open the Books
avatar for Rob Arnott

Rob Arnott

Value Investing: The Best Opportunity to Buy in a Decade!
Founder, Research Affiliates
avatar for John Baden

John Baden

Promoting Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity
Founder, Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
avatar for Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes

On Business Entrepreneurship and the Power of the Pitch
CEO, Angel Investors Network
avatar for Max Borders

Max Borders

The Social Singularity: How Decentralization Will Allow us to Transcend Politics, Create Global Prosperity, and Avoid the Robot Apocalypse
Executive Director, Social Evolution
avatar for Connor Boyack

Connor Boyack

The Ideas of a Free Society...For Kids
Author and President, Tuttle Twins and Libertas Institute
avatar for Ed Bracken

Ed Bracken

On Business Entrepreneurship and the Power of the Pitch
Managing Partner, Angel Investors Network
avatar for Doug Casey

Doug Casey

Is Western Civilization Collapsing?
Founder, Casey Research
avatar for TK Coleman

TK Coleman

Opt Out! How Free Markets Have the Power to Erase Racism
Director of Entrepreneurial Education, Foundation for Economic...
avatar for Gary Collins

Gary Collins

DeClutter Your Life!
Founder, The Simple Life
avatar for Corey DeAngelis

Corey DeAngelis

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System - It Was Already Broken
Director of School Choice, Reason Foundation
avatar for John Fund

John Fund

Election Integrity: Securing the Sanctity of the Ballot Box
Columnist, National Review
avatar for Nick Gillespie

Nick Gillespie

New Threats To New Media: How to Stop Liberals and Conservatives From Destroying Free Speech
Editor-At-Large, Reason Magazine
avatar for Alexander Green

Alexander Green

My Most Successful Way to Make Money in the Stock Market
Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club
avatar for Jennifer Grossman

Jennifer Grossman

How to Recognize and Counteract the Appeal of Communism
CEO, Atlas Society
avatar for Jeff Hewitt

Jeff Hewitt

Hashtagging Liberty: How to Breakthrough to Get People on Board with Liberty
County Supervisor, District 5 Riverside County California
avatar for Jonathan Hoenig

Jonathan Hoenig

A New Textbook of Americanism: The Politics of Ayn Rand
avatar for Denise Kalm

Denise Kalm

Retirement Savvy - Designing Your Next Great Adventure
President, DPK Coaching
avatar for Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe

Love (and Liberty) in the Time of Covid
President/Chief Community Organizer, Free the People
avatar for Terry Kibbe

Terry Kibbe

Love (and Liberty) in the Time of Covid
Co-Founder/CEO, Free the People
avatar for Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer

Top 10 Stocks You Should Buy Now
Investment Analyst/ Portfolio Manager, Eagle Financial Publications

Eric Madsen

Founding Trustee
Team Law
avatar for Phil Magness

Phil Magness

Discerning Truth: Don’t Let Statistics Continue to Fool You
Senior Research Fellow, American Institute for Economic Research
avatar for Sean W Malone

Sean W Malone

Hashtagging Liberty: How to Breakthrough to Get People on Board with Liberty
Director of Media, Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Pagona Manologlou

Pagona Manologlou

Censorship on Social Media: Has Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Become the Big Brotherhood?
Vice President of Marketing, Free to Choose Network
avatar for Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System - It Was Already Broken
Senior Fellow, Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist

The Problem with Taxes and How to Finally Solve It
President, Americans for Tax Reform
avatar for Lou Perez

Lou Perez

Laugh It Up...Changing Minds Through Comedy
Host, The Lou Perez Podcast
avatar for David T. Phillips

David T. Phillips

The Top 7 Estate Planning Strategies After the 2020 SECURE Ac
CEO/ Founder, Estate Planning Specialists, LLC
avatar for Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk

Galt's Gulf: The Future of Seasteading
President, The Seasteady Insitute
avatar for Diamond-Michael Scott

Diamond-Michael Scott

The Struggle for Liberty....a Different Perspective
Founder, Great Books, Great Minds Inc
avatar for Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe

The Struggle for Liberty....a Different Perspective
Host/Consultant/Coach, Sharpe Way Media
avatar for Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer

Skeptic Magazine/ Columnist, Scientific American
Writer, Skeptic Magazine/Scientific American
avatar for Van Simmons

Van Simmons

The Bitcoin vs Gold Debate
President, David Hall Rare Coins
avatar for Jo Ann Skousen

Jo Ann Skousen

Anthem Libertarian Film Festival
Founding Director, Anthem Libertarian Film Festival
avatar for Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen

Why Liberalism Works
Producer, FreedomFest
avatar for Mike Turner

Mike Turner

Time or Timing: Which is Better, Long-term Investing or Short-term Trading?
Founder, Turner Capital
avatar for Jim Woods

Jim Woods

How to Think, Act and Live Like A Renaissance Man
Editor, Successful Investing/Intelligence Report/Fast Money Alert