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Welcome to "Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise" FreedomFest 2021 July 21 - 24 2021 Mount Rushmore. You are part of "the greatest libertarian show on earth." Enjoy three and half days full of learning, sharing, networking and growing the liberty movement, together!

Featured Speakers

avatar for Ayaan Hirsi-Ali

Ayaan Hirsi-Ali

Clash of Civilizations: Islam and the West
Founder, AHA Foundation
avatar for David Rubin

David Rubin

Seeing the Light...of Liberty: My Conversion to Classical Liberalism
Host, The Rubin Report
avatar for Drew Pinsky

Drew Pinsky

What’s in a Virus?
Board Certified Internist/Addiction Medicine Specialist/Host , Ask...
avatar for John Mackey

John Mackey

Health Through Whole Foods
Co-Founder/CEO, Whole Foods Market
avatar for Gov Kristi Noem

Gov Kristi Noem

Building a Climate for Freedom to Ring
Governor, South Dakota
avatar for Larry Elder

Larry Elder

Healing a Divided Nation: Are Reparations the Only Way Forward?
Host, The Larry Elder Show
avatar for Tom Woods

Tom Woods

The Five Arguments That Won't Go Away
Host, The Tom Woods Show
avatar for Jo Jorgensen

Jo Jorgensen

Leading Us Into a Libertarian Future
Former Presidential Candidate
avatar for Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Laugh It Up...Changing Minds Through Comedy
Host, Part of the Problem
avatar for Deirdre McCloskey

Deirdre McCloskey

Why Liberalism Works
Distinguished Professor, Univ of Illinois/Chicago
avatar for Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore

Red States, Blue States and Everything In Between
Senior Economist, FreedomWorks
avatar for Cal Thomas

Cal Thomas

America's Expiration Date: The Fall of Empires and Superpowers ... and the Future of the United States
Journalist and Columnist, Tribune
avatar for John Fund

John Fund

Election Integrity: Securing the Sanctity of the Ballot Box
Columnist, National Review
avatar for Justin Amash

Justin Amash

The Future of the US Congress, Former US Representative
avatar for Senator Cynthia Lummis

Senator Cynthia Lummis

US Senator, Wyoming
avatar for Grover Norquist

Grover Norquist

The Problem with Taxes and How to Finally Solve It
President, Americans for Tax Reform
avatar for James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe

Founder, Project Veritas
avatar for Lily Tang Williams

Lily Tang Williams

Stories From Communist Dissidents
Liberty Activist
avatar for Yaron Brook

Yaron Brook

The Purpose of Business Is to Maximize Long-term Profits
Host, The Yaron Brook Show
avatar for Michael Shermer

Michael Shermer

Skeptic Magazine/ Columnist, Scientific American
Writer, Skeptic Magazine/Scientific American
avatar for Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem

The Future of Crypto
Host, Untold Stories
avatar for JP Sears

JP Sears

A Night with JP
Comedian, Awaken with JP
avatar for John McWhorter

John McWhorter

Words on the Move: How Words Have Lost Their Meaning
Contributor, The Atlantic / Linguistics Professor, Columbia University


avatar for Alex Andrews

Alex Andrews

Sex Work DecriminaLIES - Global Policy Failures of Nordic Model Interventions
Cofounder, SWOP Behind Bars
avatar for Adam Andrzejewski

Adam Andrzejewski

Operation Drain the Swamp: How Transparency is Revolutionizing Politics
CEO/Founder, Open the Books
avatar for Robert Arnakis

Robert Arnakis

Senior Director of Domestic and International Programs, The...
avatar for Rob Arnott

Rob Arnott

Value Investing: The Best Opportunity to Buy in a Decade!
Founder, Research Affiliates
avatar for Benjamin Backer

Benjamin Backer

Fixing the World: How Free Markets Offer Solutions to Real Environmental Challenges
President/Founder, American Conservation Coalition
avatar for John Baden

John Baden

Promoting Liberty, Ecology and Prosperity
Founder, Foundation for Research on Economics and the Environment
avatar for Leland Ben

Leland Ben

Higher Education: Liberal or Illiberal?
Scholar, Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy
avatar for Guy Bentley

Guy Bentley

Director of Consumer Freedom Research, Reason Foundation
avatar for Catherine Bernard

Catherine Bernard

Did the Pandemic Justify the Lockdown? - Mock Trial
Founder, Spartacus Legal
avatar for Dedra Birzer

Dedra Birzer

Lecturer of History, Hillsdale College
avatar for Max Borders

Max Borders

The Social Singularity: How to Transcend Politics, Create Prosperity, and Avoid the Robot Apocalypse
Executive Director, Social Evolution
avatar for Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski

Political Commentator/Founder, Liberty Junkies
avatar for Rachel Bovard

Rachel Bovard

Goes to Washington: How to Succeed on Capitol Hill
Senior Director of Policy, Conservative Partnership Institute
avatar for Jerry Bowyer

Jerry Bowyer

Editor, Townhall Finance
avatar for Connor Boyack

Connor Boyack

The Ideas of a Free Society...For Kids
Author and President, Tuttle Twins and Libertas Institute
avatar for Caleb O. Brown

Caleb O. Brown

The Cato Daily Podcast from FreedomFest
Director of Multimedia/Host, Cato Daily Podcast
avatar for Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Elizabeth Nolan Brown

Embracing Libertarian Feminism
Senior Editor, Reason
avatar for James Burling

James Burling

VP of Legal Affairs, Pacific Legal Foundation
avatar for Shaun Cammack

Shaun Cammack

Founder, Narratives Project
avatar for Doug Casey

Doug Casey

Is Western Civilization Collapsing?
Founder, Casey Research
avatar for Cindy Cerquitella

Cindy Cerquitella

Misspent Youth: Understanding the Younger Generation’s Love for Socialism
Executive Director, America's Future
avatar for Rich Checkan

Rich Checkan

President/COO, Asset Strategies International
avatar for Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm

Financial Resilience - Managing Risk in a Time of Crisis
CEO, Innovative Advisory Group
avatar for Michael Cobb

Michael Cobb

The Secret World: Alternative Investments and Your Freedom
CEO, ECI Development
avatar for TK Coleman

TK Coleman

Opt Out! How Free Markets Have the Power to Erase Racism
Director of Entrepreneurial Education, Foundation for Economic...
avatar for Gary Collins

Gary Collins

DeClutter Your Life!
Founder, The Simple Life
avatar for Horace Cooper

Horace Cooper

Emerging Issues Affecting Liberty During the Biden Administration and What You Can Do About It
Senior Fellow, Frontiers of Freedom
avatar for Jose Cordeiro

Jose Cordeiro

Chair, Millennium Project
avatar for Hannah Cox

Hannah Cox

National Manager, Conservatives Concerned About the Death Penalty
avatar for Josh Crawfod

Josh Crawfod

Executive Director, Pegasus Institute
avatar for Kate Dalley

Kate Dalley

Host, The Kate Dalley Show
avatar for Antony Davies

Antony Davies

Co-Host, Words & Numbers
avatar for Molly Davis

Molly Davis

Policy Analyst, Libertas Institute
avatar for Adrian Day

Adrian Day

Chairman/CEO, Adrian Day Asset Management
avatar for Corey DeAngelis

Corey DeAngelis

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System - It Was Already Broken
Director of School Choice, Reason Foundation
avatar for Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

Tahmineh Dehbozorgi

Public Relations, Young Voices
avatar for Gus Demos

Gus Demos

Retirement Accounts, Cryptocurrency, and the Business Cycle
Executive, Perpetual Assets
avatar for Daniel Dew

Daniel Dew

Fighting Back Against Unconstitutional Lockdowns & Shutdown Orders
Legal Policy Director, Pacific Legal Foundation
avatar for Mike Donnelly

Mike Donnelly

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System - It Was Already Broken
Senior Counsel/Director of Outreach, Home School Legal Defense...
avatar for Melodie Durfee

Melodie Durfee

5 Lies Everyone Believes About Money
President/COO, Legacy Global Charities
avatar for Rick Durfee

Rick Durfee

Trust Issues: Why Estate Planning is Failing
Senior Attorney, Durfee Law Group, PLLC
avatar for Mitchell Earl

Mitchell Earl

How To Win At Life After High School (Even If You Skip College)
avatar for Terry Easton

Terry Easton

Alternatives to Cancel Culture: What's the Best, the Safest and Where to Find Them
President, American Media Council
avatar for Kenneth Elzinga

Kenneth Elzinga

50+ Years, 50,000 Students at Mr. Jefferson's University: A Professor's Reflections on Academic Freedom
Professor of Economics, University of Virginia
avatar for Jon Entine

Jon Entine

Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be Scary
Founder, Genetic Literacy Project
avatar for Gene Epstein

Gene Epstein

Executive Director, Soho Forum
avatar for Marie Fishpaw

Marie Fishpaw

Director of Domestic Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation
avatar for Eric Gemelli

Eric Gemelli

King Solomon's 7 Pillars of Wisdom
Founder, Learn2Invest
avatar for Eryka Gemma

Eryka Gemma

The Big Bitcoin Versus Gold Debate: What's the Hedge Currency of the Future?
Writer, Escape Artist Insiders Magazine
avatar for Carla Gericke

Carla Gericke

Author, Free State Project
avatar for George Gilder

George Gilder

Crypto Entrepreneurship: What's Next for This Disruptive Technology
Co-Founder, Discovery Institute
avatar for Casey Given

Casey Given

The Young Voices of Liberty
Executive Director, Young Voices
avatar for Judge Glock

Judge Glock

Senior Policy Advisor, The Cicero Institute
avatar for John Goodman

John Goodman

President & CEO, Goodman Institute
avatar for Nolan Gray

Nolan Gray

Researcher, UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies
avatar for Alexander Green

Alexander Green

My Most Successful Way to Make Money in the Stock Market
Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club
avatar for Gloria Greenfield

Gloria Greenfield

Under Attack: How the Onslaught Against Judeo-Christian Values Could Bring an End to Western Civilization
President, Doc Emet Productions
avatar for Jennifer Grossman

Jennifer Grossman

How to Recognize and Counteract the Appeal of Communism
CEO, Atlas Society
avatar for Abigail Blanco Hall

Abigail Blanco Hall

Associate Professor in Economics, Ballarmine
avatar for Fiona Harrigan

Fiona Harrigan

Political Writer, Young Voices
avatar for James Harrigan

James Harrigan

Co-Host, Words & Numbers
avatar for Dr. Diane Hayden

Dr. Diane Hayden

Founder, Natural Nutmeg Magazine
avatar for Adam Hendry

Adam Hendry

CEO, Tzadik Management
avatar for Jeff Hewitt

Jeff Hewitt

Hashtagging Liberty: How to Breakthrough to Get People on Board with Liberty
County Supervisor, District 5 Riverside County California
avatar for Craig Hicks

Craig Hicks

Advancing Freedom by Fueling the American Dream
Senior VP Investors Relations, SGR Energy
avatar for Stephen Hicks

Stephen Hicks

Democratic Socialism for Beginners
Senior Scholar, The Atlas Society
avatar for Brian Hodges

Brian Hodges

Senior Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation
avatar for Gary Hoover

Gary Hoover

Executive Director, American Business History Center
avatar for Craig Huey

Craig Huey

Founder, CDMGInc
avatar for Brittany Hunter

Brittany Hunter

Editorial Writer, Pacific Legal Foundation
avatar for Brett Joshpe

Brett Joshpe

Founder, Joshpe Law Group
avatar for Denise Kalm

Denise Kalm

Retirement Savvy - Designing Your Next Great Adventure
President, DPK Coaching
avatar for Ashley Keimach

Ashley Keimach

Putting the Person Back into Personal Finance: Build a Plan for YOUR Financial Goals
Founder, Foundations Financial Coaching
avatar for Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent

The Young Voices of Liberty
Host, Right Now
avatar for Matt Kibbe

Matt Kibbe

Love (and Liberty) in the Time of Covid
President/Chief Community Organizer, Free the People
avatar for Terry Kibbe

Terry Kibbe

Love (and Liberty) in the Time of Covid
Co-Founder/CEO, Free the People
avatar for Barbara Kolm

Barbara Kolm

Global Economic Summit Panel
Founding Director, Austrian Economics Center
avatar for Hilary Kramer

Hilary Kramer

Top 10 Stocks You Should Buy Now
Investment Analyst/ Portfolio Manager, Eagle Financial Publications
avatar for Matthew Larosiere

Matthew Larosiere

Policy Director, Firearms Policy Coalition
avatar for Geoffrey Lawrence

Geoffrey Lawrence

Senior Policy Fellow, Reason Foundation
avatar for Tyler Lindholm

Tyler Lindholm

State Policy Director, US Senator Lummis
avatar for Caitlin Long

Caitlin Long

The Future of Crypto
Founder, Avanti Bank and Trust
avatar for Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack

Founder, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association...
avatar for Eric Madsen

Eric Madsen

Founding Trustee
Team Law
avatar for Phil Magness

Phil Magness

Discerning Truth: Don’t Let Statistics Continue to Fool You
Senior Research Fellow, American Institute for Economic Research
avatar for Sean W Malone

Sean W Malone

Hashtagging Liberty: How to Breakthrough to Get People on Board with Liberty
Director of Media, Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Pagona Manologlou

Pagona Manologlou

Censorship on Social Media: Has Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Become the Big Brotherhood?
Vice President of Marketing, Free to Choose Network
avatar for Daniel Di Martino

Daniel Di Martino

Latin American Panel
Senior Contributor, Young Voices
avatar for Antonella Marty

Antonella Marty

Latin America: More or Less Free?
Associate Director, Center for Latin American at Atlas Network
avatar for Gary Marx

Gary Marx

President, Madison Strategies
avatar for Kerry McDonald

Kerry McDonald

COVID-19 Didn’t Break the Public School System - It Was Already Broken
Senior Fellow, Foundation for Economic Education
avatar for Maggie McNeill

Maggie McNeill

Author, The Honest Couresan
avatar for Tommy San Miguel

Tommy San Miguel

Advancing Freedom by Fueling the American Dream
President, SGR Energy
avatar for Dan Montano

Dan Montano

Future of Medicine: How Technology is Making us Healthier
CEO, Zhittya Genesis Medicine
avatar for John Norton Moore

John Norton Moore

Professor Emeritus of Law, University of Virginia
avatar for Scott Morefield

Scott Morefield

Defying the State
Columnist, Townhall
avatar for David Nott

David Nott

President & CEO, Reason Foundation
avatar for Lydia Nuttall

Lydia Nuttall

Author, Forgotten American Stories
avatar for Avens O'Brien

Avens O'Brien

Feminism Needs to Stop Calling the Cops: Why the Criminalization of Social Problems Backfires
Board Member, Feminists for Liberty
avatar for Barbara Oakley

Barbara Oakley

Learning How to Learn
avatar for Mya Olson

Mya Olson

President, South Dakotans for Informed Consent
avatar for CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson

President, Free Thinker Project
avatar for Madeline Peltzer

Madeline Peltzer

Higher Education: Liberal or Illiberal?
Associate News Editor, Hillsdale Collegian
avatar for Lou Perez

Lou Perez

Laugh It Up...Changing Minds Through Comedy
Host, The Lou Perez Podcast
avatar for Mark Perry

Mark Perry

Scholar, American Enterprise Institute
avatar for Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen

Tea Party 2.0
Founder/Chief Editor, The Libertarian Republic
avatar for David T. Phillips

David T. Phillips

The Top 7 Estate Planning Strategies After the 2020 SECURE Ac
CEO/ Founder, Estate Planning Specialists, LLC
avatar for Brad Polumbo

Brad Polumbo

Opinion Editor, FEE.org
avatar for Benjamin Powell

Benjamin Powell

Socialism Sucks
Executive Director, Free Market Institute
avatar for Joe Quirk

Joe Quirk

Galt's Gulf: The Future of Seasteading
President, The Seasteading Institute
avatar for Richard Rahn

Richard Rahn

Chairman, Institute for Global Economic Growth
avatar for Gregory Rehmke

Gregory Rehmke

Program Director, Economic Thinking
avatar for Jacob Rich

Jacob Rich

Policy Analyst, Reason Foundation
avatar for Gary Richied

Gary Richied

The Catholic Church Versus Atheism Debate
Host, Hot Water History
avatar for Paul Rosenberg

Paul Rosenberg

The Big Bitcoin Versus Gold Debate: What's the Hedge Currency of the Future?
Founder, Cryptohippie
avatar for Clay Routledge

Clay Routledge

Senior Fellow, Archbridge Institute
avatar for Mary Ruwart

Mary Ruwart

Chair, Liberty International
avatar for Peter S

Peter S

Journeyman Magician
avatar for Alexander Salter

Alexander Salter

Associate Professor of Economics, Rawls College of Business
avatar for Nicholas Sarwark

Nicholas Sarwark

Executive Director, Libertarian Policy Institute
avatar for AnneMarie Schieber

AnneMarie Schieber

Research Fellow, The Heartland Institute
avatar for Rob Schimenz

Rob Schimenz

Executive Director, Stossel in the Classroom
avatar for Ken Schoolland

Ken Schoolland

Associate Professor of Economics, Hawai‘i Pacific University
avatar for Li Schoolland

Li Schoolland

The Great Wall of China Debate
Director of External Relations, Acton Institute
avatar for Cara Schulz

Cara Schulz

Libertarians on Main Street: A Local Politicians Town Hall
Candidate Recruiter, Libertarian Party
avatar for Gonzalo Schwarz

Gonzalo Schwarz

President, Archbridge Institute
avatar for Diamond-Michael Scott

Diamond-Michael Scott

The Struggle for Liberty....a Different Perspective
Founder, Great Books, Great Minds Inc
avatar for Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe

The Struggle for Liberty....a Different Perspective
Host/Consultant/Coach, Sharpe Way Media
avatar for Michael Sheppard

Michael Sheppard

Director of Investor Relations, Treasure Investments Corporation
avatar for Van Simmons

Van Simmons

The Bitcoin vs Gold Debate
President, David Hall Rare Coins
avatar for Jo Ann Skousen

Jo Ann Skousen

Anthem Libertarian Film Festival
Founding Director, Anthem Libertarian Film Festival
avatar for Mark Skousen

Mark Skousen

avatar for Savannah Sly

Savannah Sly

Dominatrix, Musician
avatar for Kathy Smith

Kathy Smith

Founder, Loving Liberty Network
avatar for Robby Soave

Robby Soave

Senior Editor, Reason
avatar for Cameron Sorsby

Cameron Sorsby

How To Win At Life After High School (Even If You Skip College)
CEO, Praxis
avatar for Lyall Swim

Lyall Swim

Creating Big Wins for Freedom - The Result of Lucky Circumstances or Purposeful Action
COO, Atlas Network
avatar for James Taylor

James Taylor

President, The Heartland Institute
avatar for Mort Taylor

Mort Taylor

CEO, Signal Power and Light, Inc
avatar for Jessica Thompson

Jessica Thompson

Fighting Back Against Unconstitutional Lockdowns & Shutdown Orders
Attorney, Pacific Legal Foundation
avatar for Adam Trexler

Adam Trexler

Alternative Money: Protecting Your Wealth from Loss, Depreciation and Taxation
President/Founder, Valaurum
avatar for Patrick Tuohey

Patrick Tuohey

Co-Founder, Better Cities Project
avatar for Mike Turner

Mike Turner

Time or Timing: Which is Better, Long-term Investing or Short-term Trading?
Founder, Turner Capital
avatar for Harry Veryser

Harry Veryser

Economics Professor, University of Detroit Mercy
avatar for Marc Victor

Marc Victor

Welcome to the Live and Let Live Movement
President, Attorneys for Freedom
avatar for Joel Wade

Joel Wade

Author, Psychotherapist, Life Coach
avatar for Heather Wagenhals

Heather Wagenhals

Media Training 101 - How to Grow your Brand
Host, Unlock Your Wealth Radio
avatar for Cody Wisniewski

Cody Wisniewski

Attorney, Mountain State Legal Foundation
avatar for Jim Woods

Jim Woods

How to Think, Act and Live Like A Renaissance Man
Editor, Successful Investing/Intelligence Report/Fast Money Alert
avatar for Sean Worthington

Sean Worthington

Creator, CloudCoin